Designed specifically for non-dancers and non-performers, using theatrical devices like poetry, music, and movement, this workshop series brings the world of the performing artist to everyone. These experiential workshops allow you to access deeper parts of yourself so that you are fully present and engaged in all that you do whether it is running a household or running a business.


I reinforce the importance of a strong ballet-based technique, while giving you permission to express yourself through the vocabulary of the choreographer. In the end we are performers supporting a story. It is my firm belief that a performer has a responsibility to deliver the essence of himself or herself to the audience. Contact me for more information or to design and book a master class or workshops series.

Special offerings:

Workshop: The Dance or Musical Audition
Contemporary Modern using Ballet, Horton, Graham, and Jazz

Workshop: The Artist Lab This interactive workshop explores the many issues confronting artists using theatrical devices such as poetry, scene work, and improvisation.

Coaching Workshop: The Solo and Group Performance
Can be accommodated to groups or private coaching sessions

Workshop Series: The Aubrey Lynch Experience
Workshop can be geared to middle school, high school, university, or professional levels, as needed.

“The Aubrey Lynch Experience” is any combination of the workshops and master classes above. I work with administrators to design a program that suits the vision of the institution.

Workshops for Teachers
These workshops take teachers through any combination of the outlined workshops. Teachers participating in these workshops leave with better insight into their classes and curriculum.