Wow. I thought I was busy before. How many things can one do in one day? During a great conversation with a friend and absolutely brilliant CEO of Harlem School of the Arts Yvette Campbell, she reminded me about a simple idea. Sometimes I can get bogged down by details and deadlines and as a result can’t spend as much time as I’d like investing in the grand scheme of things. We are all guilty of this and it is an easy trap to fall into when you’re busy. I have designed and scheduled over forty classes for ages 2-17. Harlem School of the Arts is offering everything from Baby Samba for children three years-old to advanced ballet for students hoping to further their formal education in dance. Not to mention finding faculty to teach all of those classes along with their accompanists. Luckily this is loads of fun for me and when the kids start rolling in to attempt their first plies that will be inspiring.

ARTScape Summer Camp students enjoying their artwork at HSA 2011.

So, I’m wondering how this translates in your life. The made up stress about not having enough time and having too much to do can really make you crazy. You can find yourself spinning around in a cycle failing to get everything done. Suddenly you look up and the summer is gone and you have spent it stressing about things that are still incomplete.

Take some dream time. Carve out some space just for getting those wonderful colorful ideas onto paper. Getting them down actually makes them more tangible. Keeping them in your head can cause stress about what you think you should be doing. And round and round we go.

Hang in there, take a moment, and then get back to it. The tasks aren’t going anywhere. If you’re alive and pushing yourself, there will always be more to do than there is time for. So steal some time to make sure you’re inline with what will inspire you forward. That means personal dream time and professional dream time. This blog is my personal dream space to connect and reflect. I am making ways in my new position as Program Dance Director, Harlem School of the Arts to do the same. Those kids depend on it. Thanks for the reminder, Yvette.

Click here to check out the new dance program.

Click here to check out the new Harlem School of the Arts catalog that outlines all of our classes and special events.

Make sure you pay special attention to the Dance section and Musical Theatre Project section because I just spent the last few weeks outlining those programs! See you there.

4 Comments on “Dreamtime”

  1. Hi Aubrey, I danced in your piece at the CCA Camp 2011, Sweet’s Sweet Suite and I enjoyed my time so much being able to dance for you and put on a great show, all the B2’s loved you so much! That is amazing that you are able to do these types of things and congratulations on everything… If you don’t remember me that’s okay, but you have left a great place in my heart that is enabling me to keep on dancing and keep on performing, Love you so much! <3

  2. Kelcie, of course I remember you!!! Thank you so much for posting a comment. I will never forget the B2’s and hope to see you all again at the Cecchetti Council and beyond. Take care and keep dancing.

  3. Hi Aubrey, umm… thanks so much for replying to my comment, it really means a lot, your website is really cool and I hope that you are doing well and keeping busy, oh wait, I know your keeping busy because I have been reading your blog writing. Thanks for all of the great encouraging words and thanks again for actually replying, I thought by adding a comment maybe you would remember me, thanks again and Love You! <3

  4. Hi Aubrey I absolutely love connecting with your insights on life and dance. We are so much alike as dancers by the way we think and dream. To me, my dream time is the most important time because I get to not just in-vision but feel where I want my career to take me. Meditations are vital in seeing between all of the cracks of life and through the obstacles that stand in our way at times. So I do thank you for sharing experiences. You are inspiring others all around the world!

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