“To touch, to move, to inspire; this is the true gift of dance.”
~Aubrey Lynch II

Quoted many years ago as a dance student, this one is as true as ever today as it was then.
Dance is a metaphor. The quote is about life.
Born out of the journey of an artist from Alvin Ailey’s Revelations and Disney’s The Lion King, The Aubrey Lynch Experience is about owning your dreams and connecting with your most authentic self. It is about finding the courage to make risky leaps and living a fulfilling life at your greatest, unique and unlimited potential. After over 30 years of experience as a performer, choreographer, director, producer and educator, Aubrey points people towards their highest level of excellence. To touch, to move, to inspire; this is the true gift of life.

Lessons in Art and Life

A Unique Perspective From An Uncommon Journey

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Lie in the moment between the pictures

This is where you dance.

-Barry Martin

Know yourSELF
Have a DREAM
Find the COURAGE
Make that DREAM LEAP!
-Aubrey Lynch

Tell me your life story
in that phrase of movement.
-Alvin Ailey