Lessons in life and art; an uncommon journey from a unique perspective.
Born out of the journey of an artist from Alvin Ailey’s Revelations and Disney’s The Lion King, The Aubrey Lynch Experience is about owning your dreams and connecting with your most authentic self. It is about finding the courage to make risky leaps and living a fulfilling life at your greatest unique and unlimited potential. After over 30 years of experience as a performer, arts professional and educator, Aubrey points people towards their greatest, unique and unlimited potential. To touch, to move, to inspire. This is the true gift of life.  














 Aubrey Lynch II from Woodhaven, Michigan danced with Alvin Ailey AmericanDance Theater and then was an original cast member of the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical, Disney’s The Lion King and acted as the production’s associate choreographer and then associate producer. As such, he led the team responsible for overseeing the creative aspects of all Lion King productions worldwide. Mr. Lynch works with artists all over the world coaching, teaching, and leading workshops including Steps on Broadway and The Ailey School. He is on faculty at Therapeutic Arts Alliance of Manhattan, has co-designed and co-led workshops and programs for Theater Development Fund, and mentors for Young Arts Week. He is also Director of Dance at the prestigious Harlem School of the Arts. Most recently Aubrey has personally coached students with professional ambitions five of which have gone on to play lead roles on Broadway, television and film. Aubrey is Founder and Artistic Director of Aubrey Lynch Extra Essential Arts ALEEArts born out of the belief that “The arts aren’t extracurricular; they’re extra-essential.” ® Aubrey’s programs including, Mr. Aubrey’s Show Kids MASK provide opportunities for children and adults to attain their highest level of excellence through artistic expression and commitment. In June of 2014, ALEEArts/MASK collaborated with Harlem Children’s Zone and Jazz at Lincoln Center creating Jazzland. Aubrey Lynch directed, produced, designed, and wrote the story bringing nearly 100 students from sixteen academic and pre-professional arts schools who performed with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra led by Wynton Marsalis for an audience of nearly 1500 at the historic United palace Theater in Washington Heights. Most recently Aubrey was a creative consultant for Serino Coyne casting and staging the latest advertising campaign for Disney’s The Lion King including commercial spots, digital media, and print.


Lectures & Speaking Engagements

Life is a series of decisions. I couldn’t have dreamed that my decision to attend The University of Michigan as a chemistry major would take me through Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and Disney’s The Lion King to all corners of the earth. In my talks, I will explore critical moments in my personal journey, from chorus dancer to associate producer and then choreographer to director as I relate these to the critical decisions facing participants. It’s a peer-to-peer, artist-to-artist discussion.

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In a time where the highest legs and the greatest number of turns get the most applause, it is time to go back to basics, good old fashioned theater and storytelling.

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Your Content Designed specifically for non-dancers and non-performers, using theatrical devices like poetry, music, and movement, this workshop series brings the world of the performing artist to everyone. These experiential workshops allow you to access deeper parts of yourself so that you are fully present and engaged in all that you do whether it is running a household or running a business.

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The arts aren’t extracurricular; they’re extra-essential.

Mission: Provide opportunities for children and adults to attain their highest level of excellence through artistic expression and commitment. These programs inspire children and adults to:
  •  Become more productive citizens
  •  Succeed academically
  •  Self-express
Aubrey Lynch II Artistic Director and Founder, believes that the arts aren’t extra-curricular; they’re extra-essential. As a former dancer with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, former Associate Producer of Disney’s The Lion King Broadway musical, and current Director of Dance and Musical Theatre at Harlem School of the Arts, Aubrey has experienced first hand the life-changing power of the arts and the unique way they present lessons necessary for success in every day life. This is especially true for children. ALEEArts is committed to ensuring that every child gets the opportunity to engage in the transformative experience of the arts impacting their commitment and motivation towards academic success and achievement. ALEEArts creates programs that:
  • Provide strategic partnerships which enable once in a lifetime performance opportunities and collaborations with well-known artists.
  • Give One-on-One career guidance and mentorship to students looking to pursue careers in the arts.
  • Go into schools to capture students’ initial interest in the arts early on and ignite new passion towards their academics and potential professional arts careers.
  • Lengthen year-round arts exposure through summer arts camps, intensives and workshops.
  • Unique coaching for young professionals and pre-professionals with high-level
  • industry experts.
Most recently ALEEArts and its core group of young performers, Mr. Aubrey’s Show Kids collaborated with Wynton Marsalis, Jazz at Lincoln Center and Harlem Children’s Zone. Writer, director, choreographer, and visionary Aubrey Lynch II brought together nearly 100 students, ages 6-17 from nearly sixteen academic and arts organizations across New York City including Steps on Broadway, The Ailey School, Dance Theatre of Harlem, and American Ballet Theatre’s Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School. Over 90 young performers from all five boroughs both experienced and inexperienced performed with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, led by Wynton Marsalis to a packed United Palace Theater of 1500 inspired audience members from the community. An absolutely unforgettable community event. Click here for more information about this incredible day.